Why Wiz-O-Matic?

Being a mid-twentieth century person in the early twenty-first is hard. I like familiar things.  Going through an old Western Auto catalog I found the listing for a wringer-washer named the “Wiz-O-Matic.”  It had a modern, newfangled dial to set the agitator for different types of laundry.  Now it’s oldfangled.  Modern washers aren’t as good as the old ones, though.   New things simply don’t last.  My 10-year-old GE is down to one cycle.  The machine sounds like it’s delivering itself of a parasite when in use. 

I’m wandering off-topic. 

I thought it would make as good a website name as any.

Try Wiz-O-Matic!

These are musings about the topics I like.  Most essays revolve around the mid-century up to our current age.  It’s less dirty laundry and more like lint left behind.  At least, if I should wink out of existence, I’ve left something for posterity.  Prepare to be amused, confused, and bemused. If anything,  I hope this site gives you a good laugh.