Review: The Big Blackout: A True Tale of Ultraterrestial Terror by

John Keel, edited by Andrew Colvin

This book is a little misleading. First of all, it’s simply a compilation of files John Keel kept during his research into UFOs in 1967.  For those who read The Mothman Prophecies, this is a reprinting of the investigation files for the supposed Long Island “contactees.”  

Unfortunately, the “contactees” were friends of WBAB’s Jaye P. Paro, who were calling him 24/7 and leading him on wild goose chases. The editors of Saucer News, James Mosely and Gary Barker, were also pranking Keel during this period. Keel never met any of the supposed space “entities.” All appear to have been “channeled” by Paro and her gang of merry pranksters over the phone. Sadly, John took them all seriously. Underground UFO bases on Long Island, NY? Prime real estate Long Island? Where a two-acre lot on Mount Misery Road, Huntington, NY, sells for over $620K? Sure.  The “ultraterrestrials “must have deep pockets for investing. Never mind the taxes over the past 55 years. 

Keel’s confidential memo about Paro is actually toxic, dismissive, and misogynistic.  There appears to be some sexual tension on the part of Ms. Paro, which Keel rebuffed.  The rest is simply him being pwned in revenge, much like girlfriends pulling phone pranks on old beaux during a weekend sleepover. Poor JAK. Never underestimate the venom of a woman scorned. 

The source of these files is a JAK legacy website, managed by Doug Skinner, who inherited Keel’s extensive files upon his death in 2009. You can read all this and Doug’s commentary for free at the website. Having a hard copy is not a bad idea for the Keel lover, just in case the website blips out one day. 

Just a side note for the editor – it would have been better if Colvin had stated his source and presented the files in the original form. Of course, Keel’s original typed memos are free for viewing on the internet. I also hope Colvin obtained a release from Ms. Ferranno if she is still alive. That was one nasty, acidic memorandum about her written by Keel. (Woof!)

I give this only three stars as the editor did not clarify his source as the website and that it was simply a collection of old files. People think this is another long-lost book.  Other than that, it’s a nice collection and keepsake for John Keel fans.

Blackout is available on Amazon in paperback (print on demand) and on Kindle.