It’s been a wretched week of bad news, extreme heat, and other irritation. For a bit of distraction, I read my favorite timewaster, that trash fire known as Facebook.  Everyone appears in a foul mood as a fight broke out in a Halloween collectors group named Vintage Halloween.  It always amazes me how one offhand comment can start a slagging match between total strangers. 

The fight started innocently enough.  One group member posted a Halloween photo of the old Bewitched TV show. 

Nothing provocative there.

Another post recalled their favorite episode featuring The Brady Bunch actor, Maureen McCormick.  

Let me add a little background on the episode in question. In Season Two, Episode Seven, titled “Trick or Treat,” Endora turns Darrin into a werewolf. In her yearly campaign to protest Halloween, Endora rages over the unflattering portrayal of witches by mortals.  She is offended by “Derwood’s” Halloween party held with a witch offending client. Endora turns herself into a child and curses Darrin as he hands out treats.  Airing on October 28, 1965, Maureen McCormick plays Endora disguised as a child. 

After the original comment by someone unaware of the guest role, the poster simply stated the person might be too young to remember the old broadcast. The commenter took offense, and a Facebook meltdown ensued.  (I usually remove the names, but repetition in every post made it pointless.) 

She is offended!

There you have it! A battle royal over something of no consequence. Here we have two total strangers arguing over an old TV show from 50+ years ago.  Cyber vases flew. Hurt feelings blossomed. Grand Staircase Exits abounded as the Facebook Ship of Fools sails onward, leaving pointless discontent in its wake. 

I must say I laughed hysterically over this teapot tempest. And poor Karen/Kristina. I urge her to restate this disclaimer with every post – “I’m not young! How dare you think so! I am offended!” For an encore, perhaps she will demand to see the manager.